Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get Fair Skin By Ayurveda

Every one in today's world wants to look beautiful and radiant. Every one wants beautiful skin to look smarter in this competitive world. especially girls want to look beautiful and fairer. Ayurveda the age old science has so many herbs and remedies that are very effective in making the skin look good and healthy.

Below are certain home remedies that are helpful in making dark skin to fair.

  1. Lime juice mixed with gram flour is to be applied on face till it gets dry. after it gets dry wash off the face with fresh water.
  2. Neem leaves should be boiled in water and then this water is used for bathing purposes helps in evacuation of infections that runs in blood stream
  3. drinking lime water mixed with one tea spoon of honey also helps in detoxification of body thus providing good skin. 
  4. Apply multani mitti mixed with rose water on face to get rid of dark spots, It is also helpful in reducing the tanning on the skin
  5. Neem leaves powder mixed with wiped cream is to be used as scrub on the skin. it helps in providing radiant and glowing skin. 
  6. Suji is to be mixed with mulatani mitti and gram flour. It is also helpful in removing darkness from skin. 
  7. Manjistha is another herb that is extremely benefit for treating various skin problem

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