Friday, June 21, 2013

3 Top Secrets To Get Radiant Skin In Summers

Beautiful Skin For Summers
Sun is the most disturbing aspect for skin in summers. The harsh rays and heat from sun devalues the skin to the utmost levels. It becomes really very important to protect the delicate skin from these harsh weather conditions. As everybody knows protection s better than cure hence make sure that when you are outdoors during summers your skin should be protected.
Below are certain helpful tips for protecting your skin in this harsh summer weather.

  Hydrate your skin – As the sun rays are so strong during summer times, the moisture is lost from the skin and skin becomes dry and shine less. Certain methods should be adopted to hydrate the skin and hairs. Firstly consume lots of water to avoid dehydration in the skin. Secondly consume lots of fluids including fresh fruit juices and fruit punches to fulfill the body demand of nourishment. Take shower at least 2 times a day. Use products based of lemon and margosa (neem) to maintain the normal tonicity if the skin.

 Use of good sun screen – Sunscreen helps in protecting skin from ultra violet rays of the skin thus making a protecting covering over it. Sunscreen also helps in preventing tanning of skin thus protecting you from appearing dark and tanned. One important purpose that sunscreen solves is that it helps us preventing from skin cancer. Yes, sunscreen helps in preventing from skin cancer. The protective layer made by sunscreen helps reflecting away the UV rays casted by sun on the skin.

 Use good makeups – this is one of the very important tip to prevent to skin suffer from these harsh weather condition. Make ups are chemical based component. These chemicals damages skin. In summer due to excessive sweating the pores of the skin opens ups that lead to penetration of these chemicals in the body. Thus causing extreme damages to the skin tissues. One should be very particular about the application of makeups. Makeups should be removed before sleeping and skin should be hydrated to revitalize it. Here vitamin E has a great role to play. It helps in providing nourishment to the skin making it young and smooth. Vitamin E is rich in wheat grass.

The above mentioned skin care tips for summers are very helpful in evading the skin stress caused by summers. One should follow them to maintain the good texture of skin. 

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