Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Live a vivacious life with effective fatigue fighting tips

Fatigue is something which we all encounter at some point or the other in our lifetime. Fighting this weariness is crucial otherwise it can take a toll on our health, daily work and much more. Many of us find that overcoming fatigue is a daunting task; however with some conscious efforts & care, you can quickly rejuvenate yourself and lead a healthy life! So, you must be wondering how to fight fatigue? Well, here’s what you need to do to get rid of fatigue.
  • Eat healthy food Instead of taking one long meal, take less meals at regular intervals. Next, you need to cut down on caffeine which means you need to avoid too much of coffee, tea and cola drinks. Whenever you feel like munching something, eat fruits. It helps revitalize your body completely. Besides this, fruits contain various anti-oxidants that are helpful in fighting fatigue. Relying on high-protein foods is another great way to say good-bye to fatigue. You can also go for Cayenne pepper. It is a natural stimulant which can be taken with hot water.
  • Drink a lot of water When you feel completely drained out, have an adequate quantity of water. Research has proven that mild dehydration can also be one of the causes of fatigue. Men need to drink around 3 litres of water in a day, whereas it is 2.2 litres for women. Having a glass of water when you are exhausted can just do the magic for you!
  • Sleep well- Adults need to have atleast 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day. Get complete rest and most importantly set up a sleep routine for yourself. Before going to sleep, have a hot water bath (as much as you can bear). If you have been working continuously without getting enough sleep, take some leave from work and have an afternoon nap. All this helps in reducing fatigue considerably.
  • Exercise & Meditate Get your body to work! Having 15-20 minutes of walk everyday helps bring in a fresh gush of energy and reduces the feeling of fatigue. Slowly and gradually increase the time you spend on exercise. Evening walks, pull-ups etc can help get rid of that sluggishness completely.  There is no other better way to fight fatigue than meditation. Relax, meditate & take deep breaths. Make sure that you leave behind your work pressure, worries and enter in a world of tranquillity.
  • Smoke less, Reduce alcohol consumption – Smoking brings in a lot of toxic elements into our body which can cause fatigue. Gradually give up on smoking. If you think drinking alcohol helps get a good sleep, you are wrong! While it may help you doze off but it never gives a sound sleep.
Follow a healthy lifestyle, say no to junk food & exercise regularly. These fatigue tips are a safe haven for those who continuously feel lack-lustre. Visit http://www.herbalcureindia.com

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