Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let calm take over your senses – the magic of Ayurvedic Head Massage

Let calm take over your senses – the magic of Ayurvedic Head Massage

Have you ever felt completely drained out when you come home from your work? Well, the lady of the house might suggest some green tea, a bit of rest and a warm water bath. Do you still feel worn out even after all this? It’s time then, for you to have a relaxing and fulfilling head massage. You could basically use almost any oil for having a massage, and oil, slightly warmed up just gives you what you need. However, now-a-days, shampoos and oils almost bounty up with lots of chemicals and hair oils, in certain cases, also have mineral oil base in them. As such, it is but obvious that a natural thing should be preferred. Ayurvedic oil for head massage is just the thing that you need now! There is some real collection of herbal oils for body and head massage available in the market with different compositions and flavors. All you have to do is select the one that suits you.

If there is someone with you who can take good care of your scalp, ask him to apply the oil direct on your scalp and then massage. The very flowing sensation on the skin would make you feel fresh. Then the massage would have its effects. If you are at your own helpfulness, then pour some oil in your bucketed palm, spread it over both the palms by rubbing your hands and then slowly massage your head with your fingers and thumb. It is more beneficial to first give circular pressures on to the sides of the head and then go up to the middle of the scalp. Head massage does not necessarily mean attending just to the head. It is meant to relax the muscles of the shoulders and the neck as well. So do justice to these parts by squeezing and rolling the muscles of these areas abundantly. Upwards motions on the neck with fingertips are beneficial. Use the heels of the hands to apply circular friction to the temple area. Massaging the brow bone is an important facet of Ayurvedic head massage.

An appropriate head massage helps you feel fresh and energetic. It ensures proper blood circulation. Herbal oils have an extra benefit of providing nourishment to the scalp. Generally, alma oil, coconut oil, mustard oil and olive oil are used. Some people prefer warming up Ayurvedic oils and adding pinches of other herbs like ritha, shikakai and other such herbs. Apart from shooing away stress, head massage also accomplishes other important tasks such as cleaning the body from toxic elements and providing a lot of positive energy.

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