Friday, December 21, 2012

Falling Into Love with Someone You Can't Have: Seek Help to Get Through

Love can add joy to anybody’s life. This joyful feeling becomes a heartache when you realize that the person you are madly in love with doesn’t love you back. This is one of the worst things in life. The painful moments caused by the heartache can debilitate a person to no end. If you have fallen in love with someone you can’t have, here are some of the useful tips for you:

i.    Come out of your dream world. Do not cling to the person, if he/she does not want.
ii.    Realize your potential. Stay positive. Discover the things which make your desirable among the other girls/boys. Stop wasting your time and feelings on someone who isn’t made for you.
iii.    Keep in mind that deeper you get into the situation, harder it will be for you to come out of it.
iv.    Dump all your memories away. Do not let the things come in your way which remind you of him/her.
v.    Talk to your near and dear ones. Their unbiased views will surely inculcate the positive in you. Speak out your emotions and this can greatly save you from a breakdown. Not sharing anything with anyone can only lead to build up of stress.
vi.    Remove all the baggage of past experiences. Dragging them to your future will be of no use to you. It will only make the detachment difficult.
vii.    Understand that you cannot make the person love you. Either he/she loves you or he/she does not. There is no middle ground to the theory of love. Walking away from the situation at the right time will save you for plenty of future disappointments.
viii.    Start living a life without them. Do not brood over what cannot happen. Realize that if they are happy without you, you can also be happy without them. Life is all about moving on.

Letting someone get close to your heart is easy but letting them go is always tough. However, it is always better to stay positive and seek help rather than pretending to be ‘okay’ and suffering silently. Understand that ruining your life for people who do not value you can keep you away from people who are looking at you for true love. Distance yourself from the love you can’t have in order to explore other meaningful options around you. Cut your losses before you find yourself living the life of an emotional nightmare.

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