Monday, November 19, 2012

What are the major Causes of Frequent Urination in Men

An average person is expected to urinate up to 8 times a day and once at night. According to an estimate by WHO, nearly 2 million people from all over the world suffer from increased urinary frequency. The number of visits to the bathroom to urinate is greatly affected by the fluid intake. There are many men who are troubled with the need to go to urinate frequently during the day and even at night. This can be bothersome and stressful. At times, the increased frequency of urination in men is an indication of variety of medical conditions.
Most common Causes Of Frequent Urination In Men include the following:
  1. Intake of certain medications: Medications like diuretics increase the amount of urine produced by body. This will fill the urinary bladder frequently and will urge the person to urinate more often.
  2. Prostatitis: It refers to inflammation or swelling of the prostate gland. It is a common condition in men. An enlarged prostate gland exerts pressure on the urethra and leads to frequent urination. Infection of this gland can further add to the problem.
  3. Radiation treatment: This includes treatment provided to treat cancer. Exposing the bladder walls to radiation in order to treat prostate cancer can cause significant damage to bladder and it may reduce its ability to hold urine.
  4. Urinary infection: This refers to bacterial infections affecting urethra or bladder. This is accompanied by fever or pain at times.
  5. Diabetes: In an effort to get rid from excess sugar in the body, diabetes can increase the production of urine. This adds to the problem of frequent urination.
  6. Age factor: As we tend to age, our muscles weaken. This also implies on the muscles of urethra and bladder. With aging, the muscles tend to lose their ability to hold urine as they could when they were strong at young age.
  7. Drinks: Caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages also add to the production of urine in the body leading to an increased urgency to urinate.
  8. Cardiac factors: In case of a weak heart, fluid builds up in the kidneys leading to production of large amounts of urine which makes a person frequently urinate.
 There are varied reasons for frequent urination in men. It is important not to attribute the problem to age and seek timely treatment for dealing with the issue. This will help un-complicate the things and prevent progression of problem as well.

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