Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to tackle the Signs and Symptoms of Nervous Breakdown

Nervous breakdown refers to the point of tiredness reached after a long period of anxiety. It might be related disturbances in relationships, financial matters, personal health, work worries, or a combination of different elements. The person suffering from the problem may find it difficult to deal with things around and tend to drift into more serious problems. Seeking medical attention becomes a necessity though there is variety of self-help ways to deal with the problem, keeping in mind the stage of the suffering.

Here are the most common Signs and Symptoms of Nervous Breakdown:

i.    Feeling of guilt or feeling pathetic leading to a negative outlook towards life.
ii.    Feeling of aloofness.
iii.    Lack of enjoyment in hobbies, interest in work, and overall in general life.
iv.    Finding the smallest tasks very exhausting and tough.
v.    Frequent panic attacks.
vi.    Feeling depressed.
vii.    Losing confidence.
viii.    Feeling impatient.
ix.    Feeling frightened and anxious.

The symptoms tend to build up over time to finally take the shape of a nervous breakdown. Seeking help becomes very important at this stage. Here are some of the tips to help the people to feel strong and confident again:

i.    Talk to someone in order to reduce the buildup of pressure. Many people suffer silently and this tend o worsen their condition. Talking to a friend or family member can significantly help vent out the feelings and they could suggest a method to beat the problem.
ii.    Be fair to yourself. It is important to understand that expectations need to contract and expand as the circumstances in life change. Give yourself a chance to lead a fair life. Rest your mind. Combat your negative feelings and try to rest your mind which is always worrying.
iii.    Look into the need of your body. Eat well, catch up on a good night sleep, do exercise, and indulge yourself in hobbies to provide your mind with needful consumption. Following a healthy living pattern is important to maintain a healthy body. If you are leading a healthy life, chances of nervous breakdown and its effects can be lessened to a significant extent.
iv.    Ask Yourself and Conquer Your Problems: Seek the opportunity to determine what can make your life better. Do not let nervous breakdown lead you a miserable life. Go ahead and conquer it. Focus more on your relationships, your positive attributes, and achievements in life. Cherish your good things and tell yourself that we live only once and there are many better ways to live it.

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