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Do you wish to seek effective Remedies for Mouth Blisters?

Simple and Easy Remedies for Mouth Blisters

Mouth blisters can appear anywhere in the mouth including inner cheeks, tongue, palate, lips, or gums. They are also known as canker sores. They might be caused by chewing tobacco, braces, consumption of hot foods, biting of tongue, inner cheeks, or due to ill-fitting dentures. Cold sores are a result of contagious herpes simplex virus and are highly contagious. They come with tenderness and burning sensation.

What are the signs and symptoms of mouth blisters?

These ulcers or sores are formed at the teeth, gums, palate, or lips. They often come associated with following signs and symptoms:
  1. Bad odor from the mouth.
  2. Difficulty with drinking, eating, swallowing of the food, and even talking.
  3. Throat and tonsil inflammation.
  4. Low grade fever.
  5. Bleeding from the ulcer site.
  6. Increase in the saliva production.

Most of the mouth blisters often go away in a week or two, however, sometimes they may take up to a month to resolve. Some of the easy to follow remedies for mouth blisters include:

i.    Gargling alternatively with hot and cold water.
ii.    Avoidance of hot or cold beverages.
iii.    Citrus fruits may irritate or cause burning of these blisters.
iv.    Grate some fresh coconut, extract its milk and gargle four times a day.
v.    Boil two cups of water and add one cup of fenugreek leaves. Cover and keep the water for some time. Strain the mixture. Gargling with this water can relieve mouth sores.
vi.    Chewing on holy basil leaves can help oral sores as well.
vii.    Eating uncooked tomatoes can also help with the blisters in the mouth.
viii.    Applying a paste of sugar candy (7 parts) and camphor (1 part) can provide relief.
ix.    Applying glycerin mixed with turmeric powder provides relief from oral sores.
x.    Boiling coriander seeds in water and gargling with strained water up to 4 time a day can relieve the problem.
xi.    Eating raw salad, especially raw onions is an effective remedy for mouth ulcers. Onion has sulfur which useful in providing relief from mouth sores.
xii.    Massage your gums with honey and coconut milk at least three times a day. This will help with ulcers around the gums.
xiii.    Consumption of mulberry juice is also beneficial for treatment of mouth ulcers.
xiv.    In order to avoid strain to the ulcerated skin inside the mouth, try eating soft foods like banana and curd. This will also prevent further progression of symptoms to bleeding or tearing of the ulcers.

In addition to the above, there are many over-the-counter medications that come in the form of oral gels to provide relief from Mouth Blisters.

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