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Discover the common Causes of Burning Eyes & find out how to deal with them

Causes of Burning Eyes & Measures of Prevention

Burning of the eyes is one of the common eye problems. There are plenty of reasons that lead to burning sensation in the eyes. At times, it comes accompanied by dry eyes and watery discharge as well. Though it may sound an ordinary problem, it might be an indication of a serious ocular disease.

What are the causes of burning eyes?
There can be many reasons behind the burning of eyes, some of the common symptoms can be listed as follows:
  • It can be attributed to the environment. Dust, pollen, and allergens in the environment can catch irritation in the eyes, at times leading to even dryness along with burning sensation.
  • When exposed to sun for a good deal of time, many people experience dry and burning eyes. This happens when the tear film above the eyes tend to evaporate.
  • Exposure to variety of chemicals or reactants can also lead to burning eyes. People may find themselves allergic to incense, cologne, perfume when exposed to the fragrances.
  • Age can also be a contributing factor towards burning eyes. In older adults, the amount of moisture secreted is less. This results in diminishing of tear output and affects the tear film as well. This often leads to dry eyes which can cause burning of the eyes as well.
  • If a person is exposed to second hand smoke, the chances of developing burning eyes increases many folds.

How to deal with burning eyes?

It is imperative to seek timely treatment for burning eyes. The useful ways to prevent burning eyes and to treat them include:

i.    Use of artificial tears can help to get rid of burning eyes due to dryness. Tears act as natural cleansers that wash off the dust and allergens from the eyes. Dryness in the eyes increases the likelihood of developing redness and burning sensation in the eyes. Use artificial tears couple of times during the day and avoid the use of any other kind of over-the-counter eyedrops.
ii.    Conserve the moisture within the eyes. Wear fully covered goggles when out in the sun. Use humidifier at home.
iii.    Rest your eyes often. Blink enough while working in front of computer.
iv.    Place cucumber patches on closed eyes for couple of minutes. Cucumber is known for its soothing properties. It will help provide a calming effect.

It is important to realize that our eyes are precious to us. We see our world through them. It is important to take care of them in a proper manner. The aforementioned measures of help can provide you relief from burning and can help prevent it as well.


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