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How To Effectively Reduce Belly Fat: Four Exercises for a Flat Belly

Who does not want a fit body? 
Many people have a burning desire to seek a flat stomach with well-toned waistline. However, belly fat can be a problem in achieving the same. It not only looks unattractive but it is unhealthy as well. Many people tend to remain calorie deprived in their efforts to get rid of belly fat. However, truth lies in the fact that eating healthy and following a regular exercise regimen can help to effectively reduce the fat around the valley.

Why is exercise necessary to reduce fat?
Taking in more calories than we burn leads to gain of weight. When we burn more calories than we take in, we tend to lose weight. Exercising is required to help the body reduce the amount of fat. It is imperative to exercise on a daily basis to reduce the fat in the body.

Exercises for Belly Fat
Here are some of the useful exercises targeted to reduce belly fat:
  1. Captain’s Chair Leg Raise: You will require a Captain’s chair and a rack with padded arms to do this exercise. Stand on the chair with grip on the handholds. Then press back against the pad raising the knees to the chest. Contract the abs and lower them back down. You can do these sets in repetitions.
  1. Exercise Ball Crunch:  You will need an exercise ball to do this. Lie on the exercise ball with your lower back supported. Place your hands behind the head and lift your torso off the ball. Contract the abs to drag the lower part of the rib cage towards your hips. Curl up with keeping the ball stable, then lower back down to do stretching.
  1. Bicycle Exercising: This specifically targets the stomach fat. Take supine position and place your hands on the back of your head. Bring your knees to the level of the chest and lift your shoulders off the floor. Bring your right elbow towards left knee in a slow manner straightening your right leg. You can switch sides to repeat.
  1. Long Arm Crunch: Lie on the floor/mat extending your arms behind. Keep your arms clasped right next to your ears. Contract your abs and lift the shoulders off the floor keeping the arms straight. Do it in repetitive sets.
In addition to above exercise, introducing healthy diet and eliminating alcohol can greatly help to reduce the belly fat. There are many enjoyable ways that can help you lose belly fat. You can do these exercises as long as you enjoy. With religious adherence to a strict routine, you will soon notice your belly fat melting away.

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