Thursday, August 2, 2012

Do you think Salman khan takes shilajit to maintain his body and youth.

It has been a frequent talk in media that what makes Bollywood superstar Salman Khan look so young and dashing in spite of his approaching age towards 50 years.

It is not a doubt that he is a hard worker and spends his sweat in gym and exercise a lot to maintain his muscular body. To add to it he is so much selective in eating and follows a healthy diet regimen that is purely visible on his glowing skin. But there might be a secret formula that might be a key of his youth. This is an apprehension but it is said that he regularly takes Shilajit herb to maintain his persona and vigor. This cannot be claimed as there is no reliable source to prove it. But seeing the benefits of shilajit it can be apprehended.

Benefits of Shilajit
    1. Helps in maintaining youth
    2. Helps in reducing wrinkles on face
    3. Improves stamina in the body
    4. Helps in gaining muscle mass
    5. Removes free radicals from the body
    6. Stops aging process
    7. Reduces blood sugar levels
    8. Helps in normalizing the blood pressure
    9. Improves vigor and endurance
    10. Improves sex life
    11. Increases sperm count
    12. Reduces fat contents in the body
    13. Helps in making mind sharp and reflexes strong
    14. Improves memory and concentration
    15. Increases body immunity and energy
    16. Reduces stress and mental fatigue
Now you can yourself judge that there are so many similarities between Salman Khan and shilajit and frankly there is one more similarity. Literal meaning of shilajit is conqueror of the Mountains and Salman khan is the Conqueror of Hearts of so many Indians. But the best thing about him is that he is so good at heart and wonderful human. His fitness has inspired so many young guys and he is the sole trend setter of the gym culture across the globe especially Indian subcontinent.

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