Sunday, January 8, 2012

stress remedies

Instead of inclining towards alcohol, drink green tea it is an anti oxidant and a chemical theanine present in it is a relaxation chemical. It is among the best stress remedies that works on the brain and helps you concentrate. Another simple way is by keeping a journal, when in stress it is also important to share that pain with someone. If you cannot share it you can always write it in a diary and keep it to yourself. Music and exercise are special stress remedies that everyone can try. How about n early morning exercise in fresh air with some nice music that you like. Just hopping around can be fun at time else you can take a walk in the cool breeze of morning. And after the exercise you can freshen up by taking bath with Epsom salt. Bathing with warm water is always relaxing but Epsom salt increase the magnesium level in your body. Increased magnesium level will make your muscles tension free and frees the body from cramp. And this is a fact to be noticed if ever you carve for chocolate this means your body is having a magnesium deficiency.

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