Friday, December 23, 2011

Treatment for diabetes

Diabetes Home remedies- and Natural ways to cure Diabetes

  • Parslane seeds are also helpful in treating diabetes. A teaspoon of these seeds must be consumed every day with water up to half a cup filled for five months. This will boost body’s own insulin and also help in curing the disorder.
  • Powdered fenugreek seeds can also be taken with milk. Its two teaspoons consumed whole daily can be very beneficial.
  • Margosa juice is also highly cooperative as a natural home remedy to treat diabetes.
  • Another excellent home remedy to cure diabetes is consuming one cup of string bean pod tea which is equivalent to one unit of insulin.
  • Diabetes happened due to heredity or genetic factors can be treated by eating ten fresh and fully fledged curry leaves for three months every morning.

Treatment for diabetes cannot happen overnight, rather needs a person to be patient enough to make use of the above mentioned cures to treat the disorder. Either of these will certainly help a person to stay away from the serious effects of the disease and maintain a risk free and healthy lifestyle.

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