Thursday, December 15, 2011

Menopause hair loss - prevent it

During menopause, women undergo various hormonal and bodily changes. Rapid thinning of hair occurs in menopause due to hormonal changes in the body. It is an extremely horrible thing to happen for a woman. Some women experience minor thinning of hair and some might see harsh hair loss. Thinning of hair sometimes even leads to bald patches but it’s not necessary that every woman will experience this since everyone’s body reacts differently in menopause.

Thinning of hair in menopause occurs due to several hormonal changes in the woman’s body. Most of the people think that only hormone estrogen is the root cause of thinning of hair but various hormones are responsible for it. Studies have shown that not only loss of estrogen but also loss of hormone progesterone leads to abnormal growth of hair on face and other parts of the body.
Hereditary factors are also responsible for thinning of hair. If you experience unexpected hair fall then you can go for tests to counteract the consequences of excess level of hormone androgen, which generates manly symptoms.

Unexpected hair fall can also be a result of thyroid problem, sugar level in blood etc.
When during menopause, the levels of hormone progesterone decreases, then the body responds by generating androstenedione which causes manly characteristics and results in thinning of hair in the same pattern the men experience.

Women also experience thinning of hair because of excessive mental and bodily stress and strain. In this state, the follicles of hair become weak and they suddenly start falling after some months.

Loss of hair is also caused by enhanced levels of hormone testosterone in the woman’s body during menopause.

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