Friday, November 4, 2011

What are the symptoms of asthma

The three main symptoms of asthma include

* 1. Wheezing
* 2. Coughing
* 3. Difficulty in breathing

Some people may not have wheezing, other have only coughing which may be more common at night or after exercising. The symptoms of asthma are not continuous. Typically they occur in bouts. The length of an attack varies and depends upon the factors that trigger the attack. The symptoms may either appear suddenly or increase gradually.

Does asthma run in families?

Yes, asthma can run in families, but it does not always affect the children of parents with asthma. This means that asthma can sometimes skip one entire generation and occur in grandchildren. Childhood asthma is normally inherited. If one parent has asthma, the children have fifty percent chances of developing the disease. If the both parents have asthma this risk increases to seventy-five percent.

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