Friday, August 26, 2011

Simple Tips to Increase Sperm Count

There are various methods by which one can increase sperm count to manifold. Lowering of sperm count is not only dependent on a single thing but there are multiple issues that lead to this problem.

Below are some very simple tips that may help you in increasing the sperm counts very easily.

1. Stop smoking as it has been proven in research that smoking reduces sperm count

2. One should avoid excessive heat radition especially on the scrotal region as it may lead to motility of sperms

3. Working in a stressful condition is another reason that promotes sperm loss

4. Overweight people are proving to reduction in sperm count as weight directly involves the imbalance of estrogen and testosterone condition.

5. Avoid consuming medication especially to diseases like depression etc.

6. One should consume proper diet to maintain the proper energy levels and nourishment in the body.

7. Stop use of steroids as these damages the testicular region and lead to its shrinkage.

8. Keep away from chemicals especially pesticides and fertilizers as these are the major culprit to lowering of sperm count in males

9. Avoid using steam, sauna etc as these are very unhealthy for sperm motility

10. Consuming excessive alcohol is also a big reason that leads to lowering of sperm count.

11. Keep away from radiations like radioactive substances, X rays, Ultraviolet radiations etc.

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