Saturday, August 6, 2011

Heart Attack Remedies

Heart is one of the vital organs of the body and without its functioning one can not survive even for a minute. It is the main seat of the supply of nutrients to the various parts of the body including the most crucial brain, kidneys, lungs etc. But now a days it has come in notice that people are very regularly suffering from problems pertaining to heart.

But why the rate of heart related problems has increased in recent times? This is the question asked by every one every where but frankly we all know the answer. Yes Its us who are responsible for this condition. Below I am listing few of the main causes that leads to heart related problems.

Causes of heart problems

1. faulty life style
2. Faulty eating habits
3. lack of physical exercises
4. Stress
5. Improper medication
6. Smoking
7. Consuming Excessive alcohol
8. Eating Junk food
9. Obesity and over weight condition
10. Consuming Red Meat

Above mentioned are some of the reasons. The list can be a big one. There are so many other factors which are directly or indirectly involved in causing the Heart problems.
What can be done to avoid such problems.

Well we can do a lot to avert this situation of heart problems. Firstly we can avoid the messed up life style of ours. Wrong eating habits, over eating, eating junk food, eating untimely, lack of physical exercises and related things should be clearly be averted. These factors are the major contributor of the heart problems and this is the reason why people are getting more and more trapped in this heart problem mess.

One more reason that is leading to such disturbed hheart condition is stress. Stress is the major contributor of this problems. All the time heart is to bear the stress and this leads to the condition of infrequent flow of blood to the heart causing hypertension and other problems like high cholesterol levels in blood and in more severity brain hemorrhages.

There are few ayurvedic herbs and formulation that are extremely supportive in helping in resolving the issue of heart problems. Arjuna is a herb that is extremely beneficial in toning up of heart and preventing the above said conditions. For more information on heart problems and remedies visit

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