Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What You Did Not Know About Vitamins

Vitamins are one of the important aspect in a living organism. It is very essential that their should be adequalte ammount of Vitamins and minerals in the body so that the body could carry out the daily activities with the ease and perfection. It is also important that these vitamins should be supplemented in the diet by taking proper and balanced diet.

Vitamins can be classified into two categories. These are :-

1. Water Soluble vitamins
2. Fat Soluble Vitamins

Water soluble vitamins are those vitamins that are soluble in water. These vitamins easily gets disolved in the water and are easily absorbable in water. Hence it easily get flushed out from the urine. Hence it is very important to restore these in your body ether through diet or by supplements. You should always keep this in your mind that these vitamins are thrown out of the body frequently and does not get stored in the body. These does not get stored in the body for further use. The complete B complex in the body is water soluble vitamins.

Other category is fat soluble vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins are those vitamins that are soluble in fat and remains in the body for longer duration of time. These vitamins are very effective and are used in the emergency as these are stored in the body fat. These are Vitamin A, D, K, E etc.

Hence you should keep this in mind that all the the vitamins are necessary for the body to carry out the life activities so that these may help in providing the correct metabolism to the body.

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