Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tips To Lose Weight Easily

Obesity is one of the major problem that is linked with so many of the prevalent diseases that are seen today. Obesity is acutually a disease in which a person gains more 20% excess of his ideal weight.

Commonly encountered problem because of obesity are

  1. Hypertension
  2. Diabetes
  3. Thyroid gland imbalance
  4. Kidney disorders
  5. Depression
  6. Arthritis
  7. Body pains
  8. Laziness
  9. Sleep disorders
  10. Stress

Above mentioned problems have been directly linked with obesity. Obesity is a major concern these days. Obseity lead to many problems that have very serious results if not dealt with time and proper medical aids. As per the statistics about 70 % of the American population is either over weight or obese. These statistic are very similar to developing countries as well as of developed countries.

Causes of Obesity

There are many causes that leads to obesity and major of them are life style related.

  1. Lack of physical activities
  2. High consumption of food stuff
  3. High intake of rich food
  4. Some medication like hormones etc.
  5. Hormonal imbalance
  6. Hereditary factors
One should be cautious enough to maintain his/her body weight as excess body weight may lead to so many problems that are sometimes is difficult to counter. These condition may also be fatal.

Tips to reduce weight easily.

* Drink lots of fluids especially water as it has no calories.

* Get a gym membership and start workout regularly to ensure calorie burn

* Use of sauna and steam room is very beneficiary as it helps in melting the fatty tissues of the body.

* stay away from sugar and salt as much as possible and high fructose products.

*Eat organic

*Eat wheat bread i.e. brown bread instead of white bread.

*Reduce the consumption of fast food

* Decrease intake of red meat.

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