Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Osteoporosis and you

Woman is one of the most precious gifts that God has given to a man. She is a powerful support to man and what we commonly hear that "there is always a woman behind a successful man" is very true.

All these above mentioned lines are true because of love of a woman towards her family and near dear ones. She makes a life of a person very special, say he can be a father, husband, brother, boyfriend or just a friend. For this reason she is so special.

God also gave her the privilege to give birth to the young ones to make the progeny of us to sustain. The complex activity of conceiving and giving birth is hard on a women but she bears all.

This process involves lots of hormonal disturbances that eventually lead to the deterioration of the body of a female. Especially during the menses, there is a great amount of disturbances and also there are lots of other complications. Due to the monthly menstrual cycle, there is loss of so many important mineral and vitamins that it may lead to a ill health of a women. Most commonly seen problems faced by a women are :

a) Joint pains
b) Generalized weakness
c) Calcium deficiency
d) Osteoporosis
e) Arthritis

These above problems are very common amongst the females and are very prone to these. These are some how related to hormone fluctuation in the body and by birth giving.

It is very important for a female to have a good balanced diet that should be full of calcium source. Consuming dairy products are another method for maintaining the normal calcium levels in the body. Calcium is one of the important constituent of the bones and lack of it would lead to a condition known as Osteoporosis.

Below are commonly encountered osteoporosis symptoms

a) Loss of energy
b) Frequent fractures
c) Pains in all joints
d) Laziness

In the case of osteoporosis you should consult your doctor and you should get it diagnosed properly. Diagnosing osteoporosis is important part. It can be done with the aid of Bone mineral density test commonly known as BMD test. It tells us the exact ratio of minerals present in the bone and amount of porosity that has occurred in the bones.

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