Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Increase Sperm Count Today

I know there are a number of males who actually suffer from low sperm count but are shy to discuss this problem. There are many factors that lead to decrease of sperm count
below are some commonly seen factors that are responsible for decrease in sperm count.

1. unhealthy eating habits - this is one of the major cause of decrease in sprm count. Due to unhealthy eating habits, Body is not able to get the proper nourishment and nutrition that will be helpful in fulfilling all the requirements of maintaining the proper body function and activities. as sperm is produced in a healthy body hence this leads to low sperm count.
2. Unhealthy lifestyle - due to unhealthy life style, body is not able to cope up with the activities happening internally and this leads to the fall in the sperm count.
3. Usage of chemicals - In recent times this has been one of the major cause in decrease in sperm count. Use of chemicals in foods and other daily routine hinders the sperm production thereby reducing the sperm count
4. lack of Physical activities - Lack of physical activities and exercises also lead to the decreases in the production of sperms. A healthy body makes a better quality as well as quantity of sperm.
5. Taking heath treatments - taking heat treatments like sauna and steam may also be responsible for decreased sperm count has heat hinders the production of sperm.
6. Spermatouria - This is a condition in which there is leakage of sperm in the urine thereby there is loss of urine in the body.
7. Certain medications - medications like anti depressant and antibiotics are also responsible.

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