Friday, July 8, 2011

All About Anemia

Anemia is a condition in which there is decreased amount of blood in the body. More precisely there is decreased RBC production or there may be decreased amount of hemoglobin in the body. Decreased hemoglobin may be a result of less binding of the oxygen with the hemoglobin.

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Signs and symptoms
1. Generalized weakness of the body and feeling of fatigue all the time
2. Poor concentration of mind
3. Breathlessness – a person feels discomfort in breathing
4. Palpitation in heart – in the condition one can feel his/her heart beat.
5. Trachycardia (fast heart rate)- this is the condition in which the heart rate increases leading to palpitation in the heart and also the discomforts.
6. Enlargement of heart – anemic condition leads to the enlargement of the heart
7. Pica i.e. tendencies of consumption of sand, mud or dirt
8. Swelling in arms and legs
9. Dizziness – this can be caused due to the less supply of oxygen in brain and this lead to the lack of nutrition
10. Chronic heart burn or acidity
11. Nausea and vomiting sensation
12. Blood in stools – this is a rare condition but has been seen in some of the chronic cases of anemia.

Diagnosing anemia
Anemia can be diagnosed with the aid of complete blood count examination. There have been many parameters that can be used in detecting the anemic condition of the body
These parameters can be
1. RBC count
2. Hemoglobin concentration
3. MCV
4. RDW
5. Hematocrit value
6. MCH
Causes of anemia
1. Impaired red blood cells production
2. Increased RBC destruction
3. Blood loss – this condition can occur due to some kind of accidents or may be due to some injury
4. Deficiency of iron
5. Less oxygen intake
6. Deficiency folic acid
7. Vitamin B12 deficiency
8. Thalassemias
9. Renal failure
10. Insufficient erythroblasts

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