Friday, June 10, 2016

Home Remedies for Cold, Fever and Flu

 Cold, fever and flu are very common conditions and people all over the world face these conditions. People of all age group and genders can get affected with cold and fever. When the body temperature is above 99 degrees F, we say that the person is suffering from fever. Fever is a way in which our body indicates that it is fighting with some infection. Many times we ignore common cold and pop some painkillers at home. There are some natural home remedies that we can try to get relief from these common health problems. Here are some important home remedies for cold, fever and flu.   

Home Remedies for Fever

  1. §  Raisins: It controls the fever and helps body to fight against the infection. It has antibacterial properties as well as antioxidant properties. Soak around 25 raisins in one cup of water for about an hour. Then grind the raisins and remove their juice. Add few drops of lemon juice to this solution and keep on having it two times a day. This should be taken till the time the fever has not subsided.
  2. §  Apple Cider Vinegar: It has the power to cure the fever fast. It contains acid in it which helps the body to reduce its temperature. It also provides the body the much needed minerals, which it has lost due to fever. Mix one part of apple cider vinegar with two parts of cool water and soak a washcloth in it. Remove the excess water from the cloth and keep it on the forehead and tummy of the person suffering from fever. One glass of warm water mixed with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and few drops of honey can be had twice or thrice in a day to get rid from the fever.
  3. §  Garlic: Taking garlic will make our body sweat out the harmful chemicals outside the body. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties which can give relief from fever and other symptoms. However, pregnant women and kids should not try this home remedy.

Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

  1. §  Chicken Soup: Having a warm bowl of chicken soup has a soothing effect in cases of cold and flu. It gives our body the much needed strength to continue the fight against the viruses that are causing the infection. We can increase the power of this soup by adding pepper powder and red chili powder.
  2. §  Ginger and Garlic: A cup of ginger tea is what we need when we are suffering from cold and flu. It reduces the stiffness and congestion in the throat. It also cures cough to a large extent. Fresh garlic cloves can be chewed to get relief from the symptoms of cold and flu. 
  3. §  Lemon Juice: Drinking one glass of warm water with few teaspoons of lemon juice mixed in it is the best remedy for sore throat. It also helps in killing the bacteria and viruses that are present in the throat. 

Benefits of Divya Sanjivani Vati

  1. §  It is the best natural treatment for cold and cough.
  2. §  It prevents any kind of respiratory infections.
  3. §  It is also effective in diseases such as gout and arthritis.
  4. §  It gives relief from constipation and flatulence.
  5. §  It improves the functioning of the digestive system.
  6. §  It improves the immunity system of the body.
  7. §  It brings down the body temperature.
  8. §  It prevents skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get Fair Skin By Ayurveda

Every one in today's world wants to look beautiful and radiant. Every one wants beautiful skin to look smarter in this competitive world. especially girls want to look beautiful and fairer. Ayurveda the age old science has so many herbs and remedies that are very effective in making the skin look good and healthy.

Below are certain home remedies that are helpful in making dark skin to fair.

  1. Lime juice mixed with gram flour is to be applied on face till it gets dry. after it gets dry wash off the face with fresh water.
  2. Neem leaves should be boiled in water and then this water is used for bathing purposes helps in evacuation of infections that runs in blood stream
  3. drinking lime water mixed with one tea spoon of honey also helps in detoxification of body thus providing good skin. 
  4. Apply multani mitti mixed with rose water on face to get rid of dark spots, It is also helpful in reducing the tanning on the skin
  5. Neem leaves powder mixed with wiped cream is to be used as scrub on the skin. it helps in providing radiant and glowing skin. 
  6. Suji is to be mixed with mulatani mitti and gram flour. It is also helpful in removing darkness from skin. 
  7. Manjistha is another herb that is extremely benefit for treating various skin problem

Friday, June 21, 2013

3 Top Secrets To Get Radiant Skin In Summers

Beautiful Skin For Summers
Sun is the most disturbing aspect for skin in summers. The harsh rays and heat from sun devalues the skin to the utmost levels. It becomes really very important to protect the delicate skin from these harsh weather conditions. As everybody knows protection s better than cure hence make sure that when you are outdoors during summers your skin should be protected.
Below are certain helpful tips for protecting your skin in this harsh summer weather.

  Hydrate your skin – As the sun rays are so strong during summer times, the moisture is lost from the skin and skin becomes dry and shine less. Certain methods should be adopted to hydrate the skin and hairs. Firstly consume lots of water to avoid dehydration in the skin. Secondly consume lots of fluids including fresh fruit juices and fruit punches to fulfill the body demand of nourishment. Take shower at least 2 times a day. Use products based of lemon and margosa (neem) to maintain the normal tonicity if the skin.

 Use of good sun screen – Sunscreen helps in protecting skin from ultra violet rays of the skin thus making a protecting covering over it. Sunscreen also helps in preventing tanning of skin thus protecting you from appearing dark and tanned. One important purpose that sunscreen solves is that it helps us preventing from skin cancer. Yes, sunscreen helps in preventing from skin cancer. The protective layer made by sunscreen helps reflecting away the UV rays casted by sun on the skin.

 Use good makeups – this is one of the very important tip to prevent to skin suffer from these harsh weather condition. Make ups are chemical based component. These chemicals damages skin. In summer due to excessive sweating the pores of the skin opens ups that lead to penetration of these chemicals in the body. Thus causing extreme damages to the skin tissues. One should be very particular about the application of makeups. Makeups should be removed before sleeping and skin should be hydrated to revitalize it. Here vitamin E has a great role to play. It helps in providing nourishment to the skin making it young and smooth. Vitamin E is rich in wheat grass.

The above mentioned skin care tips for summers are very helpful in evading the skin stress caused by summers. One should follow them to maintain the good texture of skin. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Live a vivacious life with effective fatigue fighting tips

Fatigue is something which we all encounter at some point or the other in our lifetime. Fighting this weariness is crucial otherwise it can take a toll on our health, daily work and much more. Many of us find that overcoming fatigue is a daunting task; however with some conscious efforts & care, you can quickly rejuvenate yourself and lead a healthy life! So, you must be wondering how to fight fatigue? Well, here’s what you need to do to get rid of fatigue.
  • Eat healthy food Instead of taking one long meal, take less meals at regular intervals. Next, you need to cut down on caffeine which means you need to avoid too much of coffee, tea and cola drinks. Whenever you feel like munching something, eat fruits. It helps revitalize your body completely. Besides this, fruits contain various anti-oxidants that are helpful in fighting fatigue. Relying on high-protein foods is another great way to say good-bye to fatigue. You can also go for Cayenne pepper. It is a natural stimulant which can be taken with hot water.
  • Drink a lot of water When you feel completely drained out, have an adequate quantity of water. Research has proven that mild dehydration can also be one of the causes of fatigue. Men need to drink around 3 litres of water in a day, whereas it is 2.2 litres for women. Having a glass of water when you are exhausted can just do the magic for you!
  • Sleep well- Adults need to have atleast 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day. Get complete rest and most importantly set up a sleep routine for yourself. Before going to sleep, have a hot water bath (as much as you can bear). If you have been working continuously without getting enough sleep, take some leave from work and have an afternoon nap. All this helps in reducing fatigue considerably.
  • Exercise & Meditate Get your body to work! Having 15-20 minutes of walk everyday helps bring in a fresh gush of energy and reduces the feeling of fatigue. Slowly and gradually increase the time you spend on exercise. Evening walks, pull-ups etc can help get rid of that sluggishness completely.  There is no other better way to fight fatigue than meditation. Relax, meditate & take deep breaths. Make sure that you leave behind your work pressure, worries and enter in a world of tranquillity.
  • Smoke less, Reduce alcohol consumption – Smoking brings in a lot of toxic elements into our body which can cause fatigue. Gradually give up on smoking. If you think drinking alcohol helps get a good sleep, you are wrong! While it may help you doze off but it never gives a sound sleep.
Follow a healthy lifestyle, say no to junk food & exercise regularly. These fatigue tips are a safe haven for those who continuously feel lack-lustre. Visit

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let calm take over your senses – the magic of Ayurvedic Head Massage

Let calm take over your senses – the magic of Ayurvedic Head Massage

Have you ever felt completely drained out when you come home from your work? Well, the lady of the house might suggest some green tea, a bit of rest and a warm water bath. Do you still feel worn out even after all this? It’s time then, for you to have a relaxing and fulfilling head massage. You could basically use almost any oil for having a massage, and oil, slightly warmed up just gives you what you need. However, now-a-days, shampoos and oils almost bounty up with lots of chemicals and hair oils, in certain cases, also have mineral oil base in them. As such, it is but obvious that a natural thing should be preferred. Ayurvedic oil for head massage is just the thing that you need now! There is some real collection of herbal oils for body and head massage available in the market with different compositions and flavors. All you have to do is select the one that suits you.

If there is someone with you who can take good care of your scalp, ask him to apply the oil direct on your scalp and then massage. The very flowing sensation on the skin would make you feel fresh. Then the massage would have its effects. If you are at your own helpfulness, then pour some oil in your bucketed palm, spread it over both the palms by rubbing your hands and then slowly massage your head with your fingers and thumb. It is more beneficial to first give circular pressures on to the sides of the head and then go up to the middle of the scalp. Head massage does not necessarily mean attending just to the head. It is meant to relax the muscles of the shoulders and the neck as well. So do justice to these parts by squeezing and rolling the muscles of these areas abundantly. Upwards motions on the neck with fingertips are beneficial. Use the heels of the hands to apply circular friction to the temple area. Massaging the brow bone is an important facet of Ayurvedic head massage.

An appropriate head massage helps you feel fresh and energetic. It ensures proper blood circulation. Herbal oils have an extra benefit of providing nourishment to the scalp. Generally, alma oil, coconut oil, mustard oil and olive oil are used. Some people prefer warming up Ayurvedic oils and adding pinches of other herbs like ritha, shikakai and other such herbs. Apart from shooing away stress, head massage also accomplishes other important tasks such as cleaning the body from toxic elements and providing a lot of positive energy.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

How Women Can Seek Get Great Benefits From Whey Protein? Get your answers here

Find out How Women Can Get Great Benefits From Whey Protein?

When a woman’s goal is go get a wonderful figure, whey protein can work great to help achieve the goals. Whey protein is an excellent source of dietary protein. It consists of high quality protein. It is a nutritional supplement that women can take to either build muscle or to seek high quality protein supply for the body when losing the excess body fat. Whey is rich in amino acids. Whey is a by-product of the process when cow’s milk is processed into cheese. They generally fall under three categories; whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and blend which consists of isolate and concentrate.

Whey proteins can greatly help women with their nutritional needs. They get quickly ingested by the body. Majority of the women remain unaware of the benefits of this great protein. They tend to stay at bay thinking that it might make them gain weight. However, whey protein can play a useful role for female body in post-workout session when body is drained of energy and muscle repair is needed. It enhances the muscle repair.

The antioxidants contained in the whey protein are apt to boost the immune system. The high protein content in whey will help with hair growth and strong nails. It also helps to increase the rate of metabolism. With its high amino acid content, it works effectively to maintain optimum nervous health, decrease pain, boost memory, relieve mild-to-moderate depression, and provide relief from insomnia.

The body type of women and the amount of fat in the body will decide on the right quantity of whey protein to be taken. Taking a whey protein supplement will add extra calories to your diet, so the need of a proper workout is essential to balance out the proportion. It is also important to acknowledge that you should not rely on whey protein as your primary source of amino acid as it may deny you of the essential nutrients that your body requires being a woman, like folate or iron. 

Women who are in their pregnancy or lactation period can greatly get their nutritional needs fulfilled by whey protein. If you do not wish to take whey protein in the form of powder, you can enjoy it in the form of crispy bars, which are equally nutritious. You can choose to make your own whey protein bars at home as well. If you wish to consider whey protein as a dietary supplement, you can consult a good dietician or a healthcare provider before including whey protein in your daily nutritional plan.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Falling Into Love with Someone You Can't Have: Seek Help to Get Through

Love can add joy to anybody’s life. This joyful feeling becomes a heartache when you realize that the person you are madly in love with doesn’t love you back. This is one of the worst things in life. The painful moments caused by the heartache can debilitate a person to no end. If you have fallen in love with someone you can’t have, here are some of the useful tips for you:

i.    Come out of your dream world. Do not cling to the person, if he/she does not want.
ii.    Realize your potential. Stay positive. Discover the things which make your desirable among the other girls/boys. Stop wasting your time and feelings on someone who isn’t made for you.
iii.    Keep in mind that deeper you get into the situation, harder it will be for you to come out of it.
iv.    Dump all your memories away. Do not let the things come in your way which remind you of him/her.
v.    Talk to your near and dear ones. Their unbiased views will surely inculcate the positive in you. Speak out your emotions and this can greatly save you from a breakdown. Not sharing anything with anyone can only lead to build up of stress.
vi.    Remove all the baggage of past experiences. Dragging them to your future will be of no use to you. It will only make the detachment difficult.
vii.    Understand that you cannot make the person love you. Either he/she loves you or he/she does not. There is no middle ground to the theory of love. Walking away from the situation at the right time will save you for plenty of future disappointments.
viii.    Start living a life without them. Do not brood over what cannot happen. Realize that if they are happy without you, you can also be happy without them. Life is all about moving on.

Letting someone get close to your heart is easy but letting them go is always tough. However, it is always better to stay positive and seek help rather than pretending to be ‘okay’ and suffering silently. Understand that ruining your life for people who do not value you can keep you away from people who are looking at you for true love. Distance yourself from the love you can’t have in order to explore other meaningful options around you. Cut your losses before you find yourself living the life of an emotional nightmare.

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